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Payment Options

This section answers the following:

1. What are the payment options?

(i) Credit card

(ii) Bank transfer

(iii) Pick up & pay

(iv) Postoppkrav/Cash on delivery

(v) Gift card

2. What is Paypal?

We have a number of payment methods to suit your requirements:   

1. CREDIT CARD: This is the fastest way to pay, and it is as safe as using the card in a store. Payments are processed by Paypal, a secure electronic payment solutions for Visa and MasterCard / Eurocard. Paypal has the same guarantees and the same security as in the physical world. There is no storage of card numbers in our online store. Everything is done online with direct authorization of the buyer and seller. 

Payment pages are secured with SSL and all card details are encrypted. Please note that you must enter CVV2 code on the back of your credit card. This is a 3 - digit code found in the signature field, and ensuring that the user has a valid card. For security reasons, we do not store your credit card details. 

2. BANK TRANSFER: If you choose this payment option, you will receive an automatic order confirmation via e-mail with details of the total to pay, order number and our account number shortly after you have placed your order. Payment must be made within 5 days after you receive order confirmation and we process your order on receipt of payment (as soon as it is registered with us, this can take up to 2 days), and if we have goods in stock. 

Our account number is 3705.18.19250. 

We are unable to reserve your order and goods will only be held for 5 days after receipt of your order confirmation. If you do not make payment within 5 days, your order is automatically cancelled. Some products cannot be reserved due to their popularity. We will let you know if this affects you.

If your order incurs additional charges to us eg. if goods have been specifically ordered for you, we will charge you an administration fee of Kr100. 

3. PICK UP & PAY: If you live in the Drammen area or would like to pick up your order, you can collect the item (s) from us and pay cash. We will send an e-mail when the goods are ready and agree a time for pick up. Select "Pay & pick up from Peekaboo." during the checkout procedure. You will therefore not need to pay shipping costs. 

4. POSTOPPKRAV: You may also choose to pay when you pick up from your local post office. You pay the normal delivery charge for your order plus an extra Kr 99 for the post oppkrav service (a maximum of Kr 289). Select "Pay & pick up from Peekaboo Drammen." during the checkout procedure and please add a comment in the comment field to say that you want to use the postoppkrav service and will pay at your post office. 

We will send you an invoice/receipt with the total cost of your order which will be the same as the amount you will pay at the post office. NB. The postoppkrav service is NOT available on large furniture, some Moses baskets and toys. Please read the product information to confirm which products can be purchased with this service.

5. GIFT CARD: At the checkout page, simply enter the code details in the gift card field to make payment. You can use the card as part payment for goods or use more than one gift card for the same order. If a purchase value is more than the amount on the gift card, the balance can be paid using any of the other payment methods. You can also use the gift card several times if you have not used the balance in one order. You will be able to see the balance of the gift card when you type in your gift card code. 

The gift card is valid for 12 months so you will have plenty of time to browse the site and choose something you like.   

Should you experience any problems with any of these payment methods, please send us an email at and we will try to help!   


PayPal is the safe and fast to pay on the internet - your financial details are never shared. For more information, go to 

CAN I USE A CREDIT CARD WITH PAYPAL? Yes. You can use Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express using PayPal. 

I AM BEING ASKED FOR MY ACCOUNT DETAILS. DO I NEED AN ACCOUNT WITH PAYPAL? No, you don't. Simply choose 'I don't have an account'. 

HOW SAFE IS PAYPAL? Very safe! When paying with PayPal, you do not show your credit card details to us.